You have found The ERL Leather Company’s best hidden page, where I put pictures of my logos…. literally, that’s it. I have no idea how you found it, but here are some pictures of my logo over the years:

ERL logo – NOV 2019
Oh god, this is my very first logo ever. Its so old I don’t actually have a digital copy anymore! The only part of this that I still like is the rose. I remember being so frustrated when I got these business card in tho because they didn’t capture the vibrancy or depth of color in my original drawing.

This artsy version was more of a concept design when I was creating my logo. I really liked this one and I actually used it on my social media page for a little bit but it was just too busy and too colorful despite how much I liked it it wasn’t the face of my business.

The ERL Leather Company logo NOV 2019 – SEPT 2020
I consider this one my first logo since it was the first one I made for an actual business, rather than just for myself. As much as I really do love this logo it, unfortunately, doesn’t translate well when I need it in any other form. It’s one of those logos that doesn’t read well unless you have a white background.

The ERL Leather Company logo

The ERL Leather Company logo SEPT 2020- Present
this logo is the one! It was actually already in the making when I launched all my social media platforms with the previous logo. I was just waiting for someone to get back to me because I needed help adjusting some colors on the design; It, unfortunately, got put on the back burner while I focused on my business and I just used the one I had until I started making my website. The second one is the final version that all of my social media followers voted on. Thank you to all of those who participated!

Since you did find this page…

I am going to offer you 10% off any Leather good if you can answer this question:

In what year was the town of Canmore Alberta founded in?

I will change both the location of this page link and the question for every 5th customer who uses it. So if you have a project in mind, make sure to get a hold of me and use your code!