The Story:

As all good fashion stories do, It all started with a purse, or rather the lack thereof. I had this faux pleather purse for years and years but as all faux things do it eventually started to look a little worn; so I started to look for a replacement. But I couldn’t seem to find anything I LOVED. I had a whole list of requirements I wanted (Like a removable over-the-shoulder strap, an exterior pocket, and specific pockets on the inside to fit my phone, e-reader, notebook, and pens.) I could never find anything that fit all my requirements… and I wasn’t going to settle for something that wouldn’t do all that I wanted it to! When my old purse finally fell apart I realized that I wasn’t having any luck finding a purse that would meet my exacting standards on the market.

As I had done a bit of sewing in the past so I figured how hard could it be to make my own? I did a little bit of research, made myself a list of things I needed, and off I went to Calgary on my search for Leather. I eventually found the PERFECT hide and bought a basic sewing kit, I went home and started to try and build my new purse. It was not as easy as I had thought… turns out my little bit of sewing experience didn’t help. After 5 newspaper prototypes and a lot of YouTube videos later I taught myself not only how to sew leather, but also how to build a purse! took me a little over six months of work but I finally managed to finish it; little did I know at the time that this would be the start of the ERL Leather Company!

After finishing this purse I started to make a few other projects as I had completely fallen head over heels for the art of leatherwork. I eventually started to receive some commissions and realized that this was what I truly wanted to do. I decided to launch The ERL Leather Company in 2019 to allow others to create their perfect purse, without the six months’ worth of frustration, blood, sweat, and tears that went into mine. I figured I had already learned the hard lessons of leatherwork and I am always excited to learn more I am equally excited to be the one to help bring your vision to life!

This is my very first project and the purse that started it all! The Yetti Purse

I am always open to new challenges!


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