The Wallmount Sheath

This is easily one of the most complicated projects I have ever built! While the original Idea seems simple enough: Make a sheath that would hang on the wall and have hold both a knife and a sharpener; the project itself evolved past the original design. During the creation process, I found that the sheath itself would have to be over an inch thick to accommodate the handle on the sharpener.

This seemed too bulky for me in the event that my customer might want to take it with him. My solution to this was to essentially create two sheaths that would harmoniously work together. one that would hang on the wall and hold the sharpener and one that would hold the knife which could be removed for travel.

The idea of a built-in removable sheat was one that I had never seen done before; It was also easily the thickest project I have ever had to sew. The secondary sheath is friction fitted into the wall mount sheath and the entire piece tapers down for as slim of a profile as I could make it. I added a snap to the removable sheath which is attached with an elastic so that it can be easily removed when it’s being stored on the wall.

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