The Templar Cuff

This project was one of my failures that turned into a success. Originally, my customer only wanted an extender piece to make a studded bracelet a little bigger. I made him one, but it wasn’t sturdy enough for him and one of the snaps failed; causing it to fall off.

He contacted me and let me know that he didn’t want a new extender. He just wanted it to fit and gave me free rein on the design, this is the result: I removed the original fastening hardware and stitched the original bracelet onto a doubled piece of leather. I put matching rivets into the original hardware holes and added another stitch line around the bracelet.

I trimmed everything into the shape I wanted it. I used a repurposed buckle from an old Mountie saddle and did a classic double cord-over lacing all around the sides. It has come a long way, from a simple extender piece; but personally, I love the end result!

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