The Tarot Book

This book was truly a challenge! It is built with a whole new style of build, specifically designed to have a flat spine. I carved three Individual pieces of leather for this build. and stitched to the inner piece that I stamped and painted to look like the night sky.

I added a small card pocket on the back as well as a flap on the front panel to store any stray pieces of paper; hidden in the design you can find the 4 elements as well as a Hamsa stamp. I dyed the main pieces in saddle-tan with dark brown and black at the edges to give a nice antiqued look.

I had free reign on the entire carved design, and I bassed it off of my customer’s favorite card, the daughter of wands from the wild unknown deck. The front has a metallic sun and moon and features both their favorite flower (daisy) and their favorite colors (red and yellow). From start to finish this build was a labor of love that utilized all of my skills!

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