The Scrap Pack

The Scrap Pack was my grande finale project for the #Leatherscrapchallenge. The body was made by interlocking 2″ x 2″ triangles and 1″ x 1″ triangles. In July of 2022, I upgraded the front flap closure from a simple button to a twist latch as seen here. I did this because I wasn’t quite happy with how secure the button closure was and I really loved the aesthetics of these twist latches!

I also changed the top part of the bucket opening, replacing the original leather with a different kind, as well as changing the drawstring to a more practical paracord. I kept the bucket-sized white canvas liner. this bag is still big enough to carry all you would need for an overnight trip.

Every detail on this bag was meticulously planned. It was a hell of a grande finale project and an awesome challenge! the small changes and upgrades I did to it enhanced this project and brought it up to the standard that I hold for every ERL Leather company projects.

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