The Pinecone Sheath

This lovely sheath was created to continue a family tradition of gifting a knife and sheath to a child when they graduate from high school. The carving was based on the sheath that dad received at his graduation. I extended the back up and over the handle to protect the wearer from the extended tang of the knife.

Made with an 7-8oz veg-tan leather this sheath is supper sturdy. The main body of the sheath is dyed in the color saddle tan and the pinecone in dark brown. I stitched the entire sheath with a hunter-green thread and added a border stamp that wraps around the entire piece.

I stamped the recipients’ initials on the back and finished the whole piece with a dark brown antiquing to make all those little details pop! This is one family tradition I think I am going to adopt; I love how this knife and sheath can become heirlooms and how this is the kind of graduation gift that can be used for many years after!

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