The Mountain Belt

This project was one that I was very excited about! As I journey into pictorial carving the mountainscapes and scenery around me are my main source of inspiration so to be asked to make this project was a dream come true!

This belt was custom-made and carved with a 360° view of the mountain in the town I grew up in; Exshaw, AB! Needless to say that I definitely felt the pressure to get this right. I found a central location where I could get the best-unobstructed view of the mountains and drew them before planning the carving for this belt.

I added a traditional filigree to the beginning and end of the carving to give it a more natural finish. The whole belt is dyed in dark brown and antiqued with a black antiquing paste to really make those small details pop! I love how this belt turned out and really feel like I did justice to the beautiful mountains of my hometown!

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