Custom Sheath Duo

This custom sheath duo was made for two very different knives, one is an antique and the other was an extra that was missing a sheath. I created them in two very different styles made to complement the two individual knives.

The first sheath was for an antique Grohmann knife. I bassed the sheath off of the traditional friction fit sheaths used for these knives with a little alteration. I added a fixed belt loop as per my customer’s instruction to the back for a more secure fit. I dyed the whole sheath in a dark brown dye to keep on with the traditional look.

the second was for an old buck knife that was missing its sheath, I made a simple sheath with polished chrome finished hardware. I stamped the whole sheath with a tri weave design and dyed the piece black. this sheath matches so perfectly the knife I even used a grey thread to keep with the color scheeme!

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